Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kaitlyn's birthday party

We always have a lot of people to Kaitlyn's parties. She is either very popular, or she harasses people until they come. LOL I think it is the first one.
We like to throw balloons around to get the kids all warmed up and have fun :) We had about 70 balloons.
 "My" sweet Stacie was "talking" and she was even moving her hands around trying to hit the balloons. It has warmed my heart to see how well she is progressing.
 My daytime daughter.
 I tried to keep the kids indoors because it was a little windy and kinda cold.... you see how well that worked.
How many kids can get on one swingset??

 Side walk chalk is always a hit.

 The big kids played soccer, football and frisbee.
 All the biggest kids stayed inside and chatted.
 A couple trouble makers (almost all the boys between 3 and 7) climbed on the trailer.

 Kaitlyn's cake.
 Kaitlyn's friends.... I think we counted 53 total people give or take a couple

 The smoke went in her eyes.. poor thing.

 Mom and Dad dishing up cake and ice cream for the masses. 
 I do not know why I look like I am about to punch somebody.... I was really just going to get the silverware for the cake.

 The birthday girl eating her cake and ice cream.
 Presents.... YAY..... She got spoiled rotten!!

 She loved the horse blanket we got her!

 It wouldn't be a party at my house without some wrestling.

 Somebody gave her nail polish...... It ended up on the carpet.......
 her brand new shirt.... 
 but her nails were pretty.
I think all the kids had fun!

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  1. FIFTY-THREE people!?!? Popular indeed! LOL

    Happy (bleated) Birthday Kait!