Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Cast, couch and dresses

My sweet girls got matching dresses for Easter. I think they all look super cute in them :)

 Kev sold his truck to buy me new furniture because our old furniture was hurting my back. 
 On Wednesday Alyssa ran outside when Jamie came to pick up her kids. I was out there with her. I was telling her to go inside and get her shoes on. She was running on our super steep driveway when her left foot hit a walnut shell. Her foot rolled left, but her body fell right. She jumped right up and tried walking. she limped for 2 steps then fell again yelling "I can't walk." She was crying hysterically by the time I got to her. She is usually a pretty tough kid, so I was a little surprised by her reaction. I brought her in the house and loved on her for a minute. The second I tried to set her down, she started crying again saying she couldn't walk. I took her in to Kevin and he noticed that her ankle bone on her left foot was very prominent. She also had an indentation below the bone, and some bruising was starting to appear. We decided to take her to the quick care and get it xrayed. Have I ever mentioned that we do not generally have very good luck?? Well as soon as they took the x rays, their machine/computer broke. While we were waiting on the xrays, the doctor decided he would examine her foot. He started moving it all around. I informed him that Alyssa would not tell him whether or not her foot hurt. He responded "I have been doing this a long time, and I learned a long time ago to look at their eyes." He told us that he had only met one person (who wasn't stoned or drunk) that didn't flinch their eyes when in pain. After the exam, he told us that he was pretty sure it was not broken. He said if anything she may have a sprain. He went back and looked at the x rays. When he returned, he confirmed that it was not broken. He said he had sent the x rays to a radiologist just to be sure. He sent us home saying that she could resume normal activity as she felt more comfortable. 

We left the doctors office and went to run a few errands. We had only been at the first store for a few minutes when the doctor called me. He was very apologetic as he explained that she had fractured her growth plate in her ankle. He asked if we could return right away to get her ankle splinted. He said that she is one touch cookie not to flinch when he was moving her ankle all around.
This is how her foot ended up... We were told that we would need to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon since it was on her growth plate.

 The splint was hurting her foot after just a short time... She said it was itching and hurting.... I don't know if you can tell, but part of the fiberglass was poking out and digging into the bottom of her foot. She kept telling us how bad it hurt.... We thought she meant her ankle, but she was talking about the splint... she kept pulling it off every chance she got.
 We decided to take her to her primary care doc and get a cast put on. The just did a better splint that goes up past her knee..... So now this is what her cast looks like.

She is not loving the idea of not being able to walk, but she sure is loving that everyone has to take special care of her. 

In other April news... on Tuesday I followed up with my surgeon. I am healing well (although not 100% yet). He advised me to slowly return to normal activity.... Well a 2 year old with a broken ankle was just the motivation I needed..... although slowly wouldn't quite describe it.

Did I mention that she will be in a cast for her 3rd birthday? :( She will also be having her tonsils out in a month or 2.... my poor baby

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  1. She just looks so sad! But I love the cute little dresses.