Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning

It looks to me like my girls were spoiled once again.
 This is what Alyssa got. The car is a ride in car that she can drive, but if you flip a switch it becomes a remote control car and an adult can take over the steering. It is perfect for younger kids who always run into things. The older kids already have 2 ride on 4 wheelers and a ride on jeep but Alyssa always crashes them.
 This is Brittany's she got a red scooter.
 Kaitlyn got a pink scooter.

 Yes, she has a basket on her head.

 The Easter Bunny wasn't very smart when he put an egg right by the scooter. Kait ran over it in like 5 seconds flat. We were laughing at that one :)
 Alyssa wanted to see what she had gotten, but didn't want to get out of her car :)
 Let the egg hunt begin.

 I love that all my kids are old enough to get the concept. Alyssa took off and found her eggs fast.

 Such a cute moment. Alyssa loves her daddy.

 Alyssa found this squirt gun and wouldn't look in her basket any more. She was happy with her frog, car and squirt gun.
 All 3 of the girls got new shoes. Kait got some twinkle toes crocks.
Grandma bought them all tennis shoes.
 Brittany said she has always wanted one of these :)

 Poppy was trying to show the sandals she got, but she cared more about the candy....... Typical kid.

 Each of the grown ups got a little treat too.

 Alyssa thought it was funny to buckle her frog into her "race car" and make him drive.
They had an awesome morning, and have been playing with their toys ever since. 

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  1. Wow! You go all out for Easter. We have had some years like that, but not this year. My kids got some candy, a baseball, and a box of Girl Scout cookies.