Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visiting Grandma's Grave

My grandma died less than 8 months ago. She was always very special to me, and I like to think that I was also very special to me. It all started when I was born.... I was born just a few hours away from being born on her birthday. So, having a birthday that is just one day apart, we were bonded even more.
Every year without fail I thought of my grandma whether she was with me or not because I knew that she would be celebrating the next day. I like to think that I am a lot like her. If I am even 1/10th the woman she was, I am definitely doing something right. She taught me to love selflessly, give freely or everything you have, care for others whether they think they need it or not, and most of all she taught me to never expect anything in return. She never expected to be loved back, re paid, or cared for in return. She was just like Christ that way. One of the most pure women I have ever met. 
Gone, but definitely not forgotten. We hold you in our hearts every day.
We visited her grave to take her some flowers for her birthday :)

 This was the first time we had seen her headstone and we loved it! 
 We said hi to grandpa while we were there. We love you grandpa, and we miss you each day.

 The sun was so bright that we either couldn't see our faces because of the glare, or the sun was in our eyes.
 We all told her we loved her, and we sang Happy Birthday to her. 
I think it meant a lot to the kids to sing. It made me cry when Kaitlyn added and many more at the end :(

We love you Grandma. I hope you know we will be thinking of you tomorrow and always!

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