Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

General Conference

My mom and dad went in last week to get their temple recommends renewed, 
and my dad got an awesome gift.
He was able to get us 4 tickets to the Saturday morning session of conference.
Here is a pic of mom and dad after the session.... Sorry about the quality. This was taken with my phone because we thought you couldn't take pictures.
 Kevin and I at conference... Don't mind how bad I look. This is my first outing after surgery.

You are able to view conference on tv or via the internet, but there are a few things that happen there that you do not see.
When the prophets and apostles were coming in, Boyd K Packer was one of the first ones to be brought in.
He was in a wheel chair because he was so week and frail. 3 Brothers brought him in and lovingly helped him into his seat. They handled this man of God with such gentle and loving hands. More lovingly and gentle than some people handle new born babies. Then when our Prophet Thomas S Monson was walking in, 2 of these same brethen stood by his side and helped him stand to honor his prophet regardless of the major effort it required. While Thomas S Monson came in, he stopped to lovingly patted his wife on the head. She was one of the only people in the room not standing. She also required assistance getting from a wheelchair to a regular chair. These amazing Brethren love each and every one of us and you could feel it.
 This is the view from the balcony of the conference center.
It was truly an amazing experience getting to watch the prophet speak live.
The spirit there was truly amazing.
Thanks Dad for getting the tickets and Thanks Jamie for babysitting the kids.

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  1. You look gorgeous as always! What a neat experience