Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Emily's Birthday Party

Troy and Veronica decided to have Emily's party at the park and have a bounce house :)
 My poor Alyssa was sad because she couldn't run and play.
 Michelle, Scott, Grandma and Poppy

 Marcus and Gabe
 Poppy hadn't met Mikayla before, so he was sneaking a peek.
 the generator stopped working which left the bounce house like this... Yes all the kids were inside.
This lead to many disasters...... They rented a generator, but it didn't work. then they discovered that they just needed gas for the original one. Then the grill broke and they had to go get another one.
 Mom, Michelle and Alyssa.... Michelle is being wicked ;)

 Marcus was teasing Alyssa and she didn't like it

 Mikayla, Aundrea, Veronica and Michelle
 All the kids playing games

 Present time

 Funny story... Jamie in pink there is a teacher at the school our kids go to. One of the kids at the party kept staring at her. Then all of a sudden he turned to her and asked " Are you really Mrs. M?" We all started laughing. She said yes and explained that she really doesn't live at the school!

 Kait was mad that she couldn't keep jumping
 Marcus, Gabe and Michelle
 Kev found a puppy to play with

 Steve and Kait cuddling

 Her gift from grandma and poppy..... We got her a barbie that you can design outfits for.... I didn't get a pic
 Proof Poppy does like dogs lol

 We let all the little ones jump in the bounce house and they loved it... Alyssa just bounced on her knees.

 Poppy finally got his hands on Mikayla

 Pinata time

 Poppy decided it was his turn to play in the bounce house

 Kev got to break it open :)

 The Birthday Girl and her Scooby Doo Cake

 Kait really likes to help Em blow out the candles.
I think it was a great day.

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