Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Church Easter Egg hunt

Each year, our ward does a primary Easter program which includes a pretty large Easter egg hunt. They hide around 1200 eggs each year. My kids love it.
Before the kids go outside to hunt for eggs, they always have a short program that explains the true meaning of Christmas. I love that they take the time to help us teach our young children what these holidays really mean. This year a member of our Stake Presidency bore his testimony about the Resurrection and what it means to him. He told the children a story of his son. He showed a family picture with his son in it. He explained how their son kept saying his head hurt so they took him to the doctor. The doctors found an owie inside his son's head (cancer). They gave his son medicines and even did surgery, but the doctors couldn't make his head stop hurting. He said the doctors gave him some medicine that was so strong it made his hair fall out. Then he showed the kids a picture of his son with no hair. His mom was holding him in that picture. He explained that his son didn't get better and he died. He asked the kids if they knew what happened when someone died. They all knew that people went to heaven when they died. He then showed the kids a picture he had made of Jesus holding his son. His son's hair was back and he wasn't sick anymore. He told the kids that his head was all better and he was happy again. He read the kids a scripture about how we can all return to live with our Father in Heaven again. I think the kids actually understood. Pictures make sense to kids, and this wonderful man knew that. I  cried as he told these young children that when they died when they were very very old, that they too could be held by Jesus and Heavenly Father again. It was an awesome experience.

Then it was time to hunt eggs. They let the youngest kids out first.
Alyssa wasted no time.... She was grabbing eggs left and right.

 She even found some peeps :)
 Brittany was out next and she ran out and started grabbing eggs too.

 Of course she wanted all the ones she couldn't reach, so mommy had to help.

 Laurie was trying to help Kaitlyn, but she didn't need any help. She came out with the older kids, and she had all her eggs before we could even find her.

 They limit the kids to 20 eggs each to make it as fair as possible. A few kids didn't have enough, and my girls willingly gave away some of their eggs. They know that it is a nice thing to share. I love that my kids have learned this valuable lesson at such a young age :)
Poppy the pied piper 

 My family.

We had a great time :)

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