Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2nd Week home

So, the 2nd week home, we started to find our "groove" a little.
This week we started to feel more like a family of 7 and less like a family of 5 babysitting the neighbor kids.
Bonding was starting to form a parent/child relationship. I will be honest. It was easier with Adam since he is very baby-like, but Matthias is active. He does not sit still much, he cannot respond to the spoken word, and many other things. I decided to lay him on my chest and talk to him. I knew he could not "hear" my voice, but I thought he could "feel" my voice. I was right. He calmed down and actually laid there for a while. I started humming a song while I patted his back to the tune. He loved it. It was a huge forward step that led to many small ones after. I felt it and I know he did too!!!
I started my week by making a ton of baby food (pureed food) for the boys. 
It took most of the day, but it was a LOT of food!!
 Matthias started playing more with toys rather than just chewing on them.
A little peek a boo anyone?
 We thought it would be fun to take him outside for a little bit to see if he would like it.
He was not sure what to think.
 This is one of my favorite pictures of him!!
 My Kaitlyn and her cousin with matching pink casts!!
 Trying to get all of the grand kids (on Kevin's side) to sit together
Matthias and Mickey did not like it

 Cousins.... Gabe is bio and Matthias is adopted? Could have fooled me!!
God chose us as his family!!! 
 Poor kid has 3 sisters, so he is playing with a barbie

 My sister and her family bought Matthias this drum set and he loves to play with it!

 This is my niece SB with Adam.... She is 2 months to the day other than him.
Size comparison?? 

Random Status updates from the week:
Matthias now smiles when I walk into the room and seems to prefer me to almost anyone which is AMAZING!!!

Guess what?!?!?! I was eating chicken enchiladas for lunch and Matthias came over wanting some, so I gave him a bite and he ate it..... He ended up eating like 10-20 bites of it.... Chicken, tortilla, cheese, sour cream and green sauce!! He even chewed!!!!

Matthias just ate mac n cheese not over cooked, ground or anything. Just regular. He even chewed a little!!!!

 Matthias was not happy!!!
 He cried most of the morning.... found out he had strep too :(
 The boys both saw the dentist.... As I guessed all Adam's teeth ere bad. They are hoping to save them all except the top 4. All but 4 will need a LOT of work though.

 Matthias may have puked on her which is why he is wearing a blanket.... Did not want to use up his other good shirt if it happened again. 
On the plus side though my suspicions were confirmed. His teeth are made of steel. Not a single cavity.
 Mommy gave him some ice cream to make his throat feel better. He loved it!!
 This is what a stocked up fridge looks like when strep strikes!!
 tickle time
 poor tired boy!!
 He loves putting things on his head especially this since he can see through it!!
Week 2 felt more real. My boys were more relaxed. Only one day of appts. Life is slowly finding a new normal!!

A post with videos of the first 2 weeks coming soon :)

On a side note, I think I also learned this week that my friend, Amanda, is always right ;)
This is just to see if she reads all the way to the bottom :D

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