Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

3 weeks home!

We started week 3 with some morning family time. The boys woke up, and we brought them into our bed to tickle them and love on them. Matthias and Adam were interacting with each other and all of us like we had always been together. 

 Later that day poor Matthias was just exhausted from all the playing!!!
 Kaitlyn took that chance to look on Adam some!

 We also had a nasty hail/rain storm that day!

 Matthias loves spaghetti and ate 5 plates full!
 This what happens when Mommy tries to change Adam.... Matthias was right behind Alyssa too :)
 We had to run to Walmart to get some groceries and we stropped in the toy aisle. The girls were looking at toys and Matthias really liked this. He kept grabbing it. Daddy said no way!
 So, he decided to try for this instead ;)

 This is my best friends 7 year old son hold 6 year old Adam
 and Matthias LOL
 Matthias next to my friend's small 7 year old.
 Adam started drinking from a bottle and he is now up to 10-12 oz a day which is huge for him.
 We went and got a new stroller because the other one did not fit Adam very well. 
 Isn't this how everyone lays to watch TV??
 Brittany and Matthias dancing :) She babies him so much it is so cute!!!
She is my tiny 7 year old next to my tiny 6 year old :)
 Poor Adam is so sweet. He cries if anyone cries or yells.
Britt was crying and he was so upset!

 One of Adam's many doctors showing us that we could move Adam's hips in If we did it right and she showed us how!
 Matthias likes to be comfy
 Poor Adam LOL
 Cute man!
 Doesn't he look so cute like this??
 Alyssa is always taking care of Adam
 Matthias' new thing is to put toys down the front of his pjs lol

                            At home for 3 weeks.........................................................................Gotcha day
 These pjs are 24 months

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