Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yes, I questioned God

When we began the process to adopt back in 2011, many people (in fact almost everyone I know) felt the need to tell us that we were making a big mistake.
Then something happened. 
As we watched videos of Logan from a missionary who was working with him, more and more of our family members feel deeper and deeper in love!!

Look at his sweet face! How could you not love him??
 Then something terrible happened!!!
 After months of fundraising and working to bring him into our family,
 Someone decided that he should not be an American
Logan, along with many other children were moved to an orphanage that did not allow Americans to adopt from there. I could not bring my son home. My heart was broken!!

I questioned. Why Adoption?
I questioned myself
I questioned my husband
I questioned my family
I questioned my friends
I questioned GOD!

The answer did not come all at once or with a big flash of light, but it came.
It did not come from me.
It did not come from my husband.
It did not come from my family.
It did not come from my friends.
It came from GOD!!!!

The answer was not what I wanted to hear....... Patience, my child, I have a plan for you!

We attempted to adopt through foster care, but that was not the plan God had for us either.
Again, I questioned.
Then I demanded, Tell me now. 
What are we supposed to do?

I knew there was at least one more child on this Earth that was meant to be our child, but who?
Kevin and I finally decided that we would not adopt internationally. We THOUGHT we knew that that was not where God was calling us......

We were WRONG!!!!!
I saw a few pictures on a blog.....

With the following words
You live in a place that made a five year old boy look like a tiny, skinny baby.

Meet Adam, who has endured severe physical, emotional, and medical neglect.  He lies in bed all the time with no baba and is suffering from the lack of shunt and cataract surgery.  I can’t look at him without tears, and cannot read his file without feeling angry.  Please, someone, allow God to move your heart, and email Nina Thompson about adopting this precious boy from Pl****.

I knew!!!!!
God had shown me the plan.
He knew all along!
Adam was waiting for me, for us!
Kevin was not as sure.
He questioned.
His answer came quickly, but he still challenged.
If you can raise, $3500 in 1 month, then I will adopt this child.
If this is meant to be then surely God would provide, he thought.
God did provide. He met my husbands "demand" and calmed his fears.
Then the money came. Never on my time. Always on his time.
Each time a payment was due, I would stress.
Where would the money come from?
It came from God of course.
Through prayer, hard work and of course through all of you.

God was laughing at me. I just know it.
Child, have I ever let you down?
The answer was no, but still I questioned.

As God was laughing, I came across this picture....
We had only been approved for one child.
Our dossier was in Country and was due to be submitted any day.
I shared his profile and begged for someone to bring him home.
I said that IF I could adopt another child that I would bring him home.

A couple of weeks went by and nobody had even inquired on him.
In my mind he was perfect.
Then one day I decided to ask how it would work if we wanted to add another child and discovered that it was not as hard as I thought.

Could it be??

I contacted my Social worker and asked if she would approve us.
Her answer surprised me.
Without hesitation she answered yes!
Then came the hard part.
I hesitantly showed the picture to my husband and without hesitation he said yes.
I was shocked.

Everything fell in to place and we signed commitment docs just a couple days later.
On his 6th birthday :)

2 months later we were on our way to meet BOTH of our sons!!!!

Tomorrow we fly to go and bring them home!!!!!

Just because I still love him so much. Check out this awesome video of my sweet Logan

When this adoption started, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.
It was a tiny light.
The size of the tip of a needle.
Hard to see.
Almost non existent.
Today that light is HUGE!!!
I can see why we fought so hard.
I can see why he led us down a broken road.
It was the road that led to our sons!!!!
Because they are so cute....


  1. So excited! The time has come:)
    Be safe.

  2. Congratulations! Be safe on your trip!