Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Matthias' Gotcha Day

I am proud to introduce you all to our son Matthias.
Daddy held him for the first time!!!!

 Matthias was not so sure. Who is this guy?
 You're who?
 My daddy?

 Ok well then I guess I should hug you :)
 Hi mama
 Not sure he remembered me, but that's ok we have forever to get to know each other.
 Daddy love
 All signed and official.... time to head outta here!!
 Daddy carried me out of that gate and I am NEVER going back!!!
 Love this little man!!!

 His poor thumbs are very tiny, the skin is very tight and he can barely bend them :(

 Check out those curls..... do not get too attached they will be gone soon
 he got the shoulder straps off.... smart kid

 Daddy loves

 He kept grabbing my hand
 nothing is safe with Matthias and his teeth around

 See that dirty look? 
 peek a boo
 Mom, it is so soft

 My first bath 

They have these all over to encourage safe driving..... just thought I would throw that in here lol
We arrived at the hotel in Pleven. We pick up Adam at 9 am local time tomorrow
Matthias did not want to let Daddy go

 Matthias already has Daddy sweating lol

 Success back in Daddy's arms

 ok I think this one is my favorite

 Already trying to fill Daddy's shoes

I will post some video links below that you can watch of gotcha day :)

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