Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Gotcha pictures and videos

Update: Matthias is a little monkey just like Brittany. The pack n play is his new favorite toy. He likes to go for rides in the stroller and lets us know by sitting in it. (he is great at getting his point across without words). He is walking a ton of places just holding Kevin's hand (including stairs). He likes to eat, and he does not like when Adam starts eating before him. He gets overwhelmed when other people are too close or even when we skype with family. He has started to stim in front of us.... banging his head on the wall or rocking. 

Adam is making a ton of progress too. He has started mimicking what we say. He says hi a lot. He has said Adam. I love you. I don't know. Dada. He thinks rubbing his face on the bed after he rolls over is awesome (yes he rolls over.... a lot). He still laughs almost every time someone picks him up. He loves to watch Matthias play. He is mellow. Loves skyping, but does not love riding in the stroller.

 Gotta support BYU!!!!!!

 Adam actually fell sleep with me touching him which is huge progress :)
 He climbed in the stroller and was pleading with Kevin to take him somewhere.
 BK crown :)

 This is how he preferred it :)

 Adam was like whatever!

 He squints a lot..... he may have some vision issues??
 Burger King oh ya!
 Matthias and Kevin were fighting over where the stroller should be..... we use it to block the tv and fridge since he may have um dropped the tv and busted it..... Kevin was able to fit it luckily
 FYI if a toy does not cooperate and do what he wants, Matthias will throw it and start crying
 Just some cuteness

Matthias tried ice cream
Adam tries ice cream and Matthias gets brain freeze

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  1. Those kids have been through enough in their short lives, why would you inflict more trauma on them by dressing them in BYU shirts:) Just kidding, I went to BYU but you know that's what all the Ute fans are thinking.