Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

First flight

Well the first flight was..... um...... well...... Interesting! We requested assistance in advance (thank you Gordon M. Belflower), so we had someone helping us board the flight and we got to board first..... We are walking to our seats and all of a sudden this horrible smell comes over us. Adam had a massive blow out. Through his diaper, onesie and jean overalls. So, I gather the items needed. By this time general boarding has begun, so I am trying to fight my way to the restroom..... Imagine my relief when the flight attendant showed me that the one restroom had a changing table. (God's mercies). After 10 minutes Adam was cleaned up and ready to go. We fought our back back to our seat as they announced that the plane was completely boarded..... I return to find a man sitting between my 2 sons' seat..... They booked us on the same row, but every other seat... Adam, stranger, me, aisle, Kevin, stranger, Matthias.... I kindly asked the man to switch seats and luckily he complied. Then about the time I get sat down BOTH boys start crying at the top of their lungs as we taxi away from the gate. I finally find a toy Matthias wants to chew on and he settles down. A musical giraffe and a pacifier work for Adam..... They were good the majority of the flight. Adam cried and I held him and he eventually fell asleep. The kid in from of Adam kept bumping into Adam seat, but I remained calm. Barely. As we landed Matthias started holding his ears and screaming :( Adam also cried. Matthias' favorite thing to do was unbuckle his seat belt.... (yep didnt take him long), play with the table tray, and pull on the seat in front of him...... Pray for me on the next flight. I barely survived the short one and the next one is over 8 hours eeeekkkkk

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