Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Monday, September 5, 2011

The kids visit the fire station

Uncle Curtis (my sister Peggy's husband) is a volunteer fire fighter. He is now a captain. He took us on a tour of the fire station and let us play on learn about the fire engines.
The girls climbed right in.
 Alyssa is so cute!

 Brittany :)
 Poppy wanted a pick with the Flag.
 Kevin and the girls enjoying their time.

 A little instruction from the fireman.
 Showing all the gear on their immediate response vehicle.
 Kaitlyn was playing the accident victim in this one.

 Kevin holding the jaws of life.
 The big boys :)
 I love this smile!
 Kaitlyn just loved all of this except the sirens.... she hates loud sounds.

 Me and my girls :)

 Grandma and Poppy with the grand kids.

 Kaitlyn got all dressed up in the fire gear!
 Grandma and her girls.
 My babies.... ok they are getting big, but they were my babies.

 Josh had to get all dressed up too... He wants to be just like his daddy.

 Curtis got in his full gear to show the kids what a fireman would look like if there was ever a fire and they had to be rescued. Since becoming a fireman, he has learned a lot of safety things that he has passed on. Apparently a lot of kids hide from the firemen because they look scary.

 Alyssa was not so sure about all of this...

 Kaitlyn was so interested in everything Curtis was doing.

 Curtis went to charge up the hose without making sure that it was turned off.... It started spraying right toward all of us... We all took of running. It was so funny!
 Curtis was showing the kids how the fire hose worked... Then he let them each have a turn shooting it.

 Kathryn decided to try to shoot me with the water while I was taking videos.... of course my 2 girls had to try that too ;)

 Even my biggest kid had to get in on the fire hose action.

 The grandmas
We had a great time and the kids learned a lot!!!

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