Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friends, food and fun

Kevin's work was having a huge work party at Lagoon. We invited some dear friends to join us. We were thrilled when they decided to come along... Nobody was more excited than Brittany!
This was the scene when Britt saw her sweet friend.
 They are both very shy... Britt has come out of her shell a little more than her sweet friend.
 This just melts my heart!
 Our older girls are friends too! 
 The dads!
 The defiant ones!

 Too cute not to grab a ton of pictures of!
 Crazy people that would go on a water ride when it wasn't even hot out ;)

 More cuteness....
 Alyssa just loved this little man. She would not leave him alone. At one point she tapped his shoulder and said "he like me." Too cute!
 Kait made me take this picture of a butterfly.
 Poppy and a band of followers as usual.
 Friendship like no other......
 These are the moments..... hang onto these moments...

 Awww little sis wants a friend too.
 They all wanted to sit on the "old style bench."

 More water rides.... crazy people!

 This little man found himself a dragon fly.

 If there is a bug around, my kids come running....
 This sweet girl caught the dragon fly.
 Then her and kait fought over who would get to hold it.... Strange how much they have in common.
 Kait got a turn....
 A band playing for the work party while we ate.... bbq ribs, hambugers, hot dogs, chips, potato salad, macaroni sald, and all the fountain drinks you wanted.
 Of course there had to be ice cream too!

 When you are 2 and potty training, this becomes the best ride in the park :)
 Poppy and Grandma with little Emily sneaking in.
 Craziness surrounds me!
 This poor little man has not been feeling well since he got a bad bump on his head.... Let's just say that I hope he doesn't plan on climbing up any more dressers.... especially ones with heavy tvs on them.
 This is a face of someone who was caught red handed...
 My hubby and me :)

 I love this picture!!!
WE had an awesome time with some awesome people.... 
Now, I just have to plan the next time we can all get together!


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend. Great pictures

  2. Yes, I think Kait and Dani have a lot in common. It's probably good they're not sisters, but I think they'll make great friends. That was such a fun day! Thanks so much for inviting us! Though I think I've lost my great love of water rides. :)