Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, September 9, 2011

School Carnival

The kids had a carnival at their school yesterday. They had a ton of fun playing all the games and riding all the rides!! We even ate dinner there. We had fun. (As usual we wish daddy could have been there, but he got a flat tire on the way home which delayed him getting there)

Each of the girls took a turn playing the games.

 Look mom I won a prize... they all got at least one fan and several other small toys, but Alyssa was so excited. It was so cute!
 This ride was super cool. The parachute fills up with air and it takes up up about 6-8 feet then they release the air and it drops you. Kaitlyn loved it!
 Britt loved it too.. Alyssa wouldn't go!
 They loved the slide too.

 Alyssa finally got on something... she went in the jump house
and held the side for quite a while before she would venture off.

 Both of the big girls took a go at the rock wall. The pegs were too far apart so they didn't make it far.
 Emily and Ian came so we spent some time hanging out with them.
 Look mom, I can pick up Emmy. Put her down...
 Emily had to take a turn...

 I took Alyssa to play a few more games... She loved the prizes :)

 Ians turn... he was holding on tight, but had a great time :)

 Face painting time. I loved Kait's butterfly.
 Britt wanted to be a yellow son, but she looked kinda like a monster to me.... shh don't tell her!
 Alyssa got a little stamp of a butterfly.
 Fishing time...

 The best part for Alyssa was the slush.... She gets that from her Grandma...
 Notice the little blue faced monster ;)

Another fun time with the kids :)

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