Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Goal for today!

Well folks.... I need help!
I have done everything I can after this... Well for now.
I have prayed, worked my hands to the bone trying to make hair bows, talked to family and friends and now you... My internet family!

We have 2 goals... Bring Andriy home... see the chip in on the top right for my friend Amanda. She only needs about $8500.00 left to go. She is getting her travel date next week (if we are lucky!)

Also, (if it is God's will) we will be able to commit to our son in 12 days!! Yes you read that right!! In 12 days our son might be "available" for us!! I am beyond excited because do you know what that means?!?!
It means that I can share a picture of his perfect little face with all of you!!!
Her is the problem (well not a problem... more of a hurdle)
We need $3,000.00 to commit to him.
That seems like a lot, so let's simplify things a little... Let's try for $100.00 today!
Just $100.00. We can do that right?!?

There is a chip in on that blog for our sweet boy.... Thank You friends for all you do!
If you cannot donate please share.... On your blog, facebook, twitter... I do not mind how you share. 
I will be forever grateful for all of my loving Internet family for your support in our journey!!