Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day and Alyssa's 2nd Birthday

We had originally planned to have Alyssa's Brithday party on May 7, 2011 since her actual birthday is on the 8th, but since that was Mother's day weekend and everyone had plans. We had to postpone it a couple of weeks.

So last weekend was pretty great. On Friday we went and spent some time at Kevin's grandparent's house in Bountiful. My kids call them Grandma and Grandpa GG (which stands for great grandparents). We generally go to their house on Friday evening. We had a nice visit, and took the opportunity to tell everybody of our plan to adopt. They were excited we were adopting, but not so fond of the idea of us taking on 2-3 older children. After a little discussion however they agree that this is a good option for us. We left there feeling loved and supported which was nice since we haven't had much support from family (except my immediate family and a few cousins.... you know who you are :).

Saturday started out like most of our Saturdays lately. We wake up, eat cereal for breakfast, and we get ready for Kaitlyn's soccer game. Kaitlyn's team did the best they have even done. We still didn't win (I say we since I am the coach... yay me lol), but they all tried hard which is all I can ask for. After the game, we came home and had lunch with Troy and Veronica and kids and headed out to Lagoon. We try to buy season passes every year, so we have a fun activity to do throughout the summer. We had a fun time there, but it was soooooo busy because it was the first "spring" day since it has opened. We left around 5 to go to our Mother's Day/ Alyssa's Birthday dinner. We tried a new place called Boston's pizzeria. They sang happy birthday to Alyssa who was barely awake. She crashed as soon as we put her in the car at Lagoon lol.

Doesn't She look Happy?!?

I woke up Mother's Day morning around 9:30 a.m. since their gift to me was to let me sleep in.
The girls came in holding cards they had drawn and gave them to me followed by lots of loves. They are the best gift any mom could ask for. Church was also great.

This poem was attached to a pedicure kit that also had those footprints with it. My kids were so excited to have a gift for mommy :)

We made a cake for Alyssa for her Birthday and took it to my grandma's house. My kids call her grandma with toys in the bedroom. She was so excited to see the kids. We couldn't light the Birthday candles since grandma is on oxygen, so Alyssa kept blowing at the cake like something was wrong. It was so cute and grandma was laughing. Grandma, poppy, grandma with toys in the bedroom, Kevin, Kaitlyn, Brittany, Alyssa, uncle Dave and I all sang and ate cake.

Like I said.... A great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like fun! That dessert in the first picture looks awesome!