Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alyssa's 2nd Birthday Party :)

Happy 2nd Birthday Alyssa :)
She wanted everything princess, but didn't care which princess.... I think we had 3 different ones.

 She did not like her crown... Sister had to hold it on.
 My little ham!
 Wow look at those eyes!
 Silly Grandma and the birthday girl.
 Poppy and some of the kids.
 Some fun times on the trampoline.
 Adam, Matt, Katie, Troy and Grandpa GG (great grandpa).

 Some of the kids....
 and more kids.....
 and more kids.....
 and guess what..... even more kids!
 Her cake :)

 She blew out the candles about 2 words into the song lol
 Aunt Veronica, Alyssa and Grandma
 Opening presents.... the chairs lasted about 5 seconds...

 The mom trying to show her the presents, but it is a lost cause. She literally ran from one present to the next opening them as fast as she could. She even got mad at a few because the paper was too tough and she couldn't rip it fast enough. She has such a BIG personality!
 Sandee, Ellen and Poppy
 Lots of family.... Lisa, Jarom and family.... Matt, Katie, Melissa, Laurie and Sandee and Grandpa and Troy in the back!
 Tamara and some of the kids.

 Just a few of her gifts.... spoiled!!
 Beverly and Grandma!
 More family.... Lisa, Jarom, Robert, Anne, Grandma and Lisa's kids :)
 The pinata.... the Birthday girl goes first, but she got mad. She did not like having to set her babies down.
 Our little red faced kids cuddling with Grandpa after a long day!

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  1. looks like it was fun sad we weren't there. she acts so much older than Alex amazing.