Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day of haircuts for the girls!

Alyssa, who turned 2 on Mother's Day, has never had her hair cut. I was afraid to get it cut because as soon as I got the older kids hair cut their cowlicks made their hair stick up.... So, I waited to see how bad her cowlicks were before we got her hair cut.

This is a picture of our sweet Alyssa before her hair cut!

Another before pic.... She seems to like the car they will be cutting her hair in.
She does NOT like the cape they are putting on her though.
Bubbles make everything better!
She is doing really good as long as she gets her way.
Her new look.... I think she is super cute with bangs!
A look at the back. Would you believe they cut off about 2-3 inches?
Kaitlyn's turn, but she only gets a trim.
Brittany also getting a trim.
He was making me crazy.... what a pretty look on my face. He said I had to put this picture on my blog and refused to take a better one..... Men :P


  1. Alyssa looks so chic with her new cut! Her sad face is just precious. I'm glad she recovered quickly.

    When Mason was little I used to take him to Cookie Cutters. My girls have been BEGGING to get their hair cut there ever since.

  2. lol wow everyone looks so cute mom included. Yes I think Alyssa looks way cute with Bangs.