Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

No Girly Girls here.... I have 3 dare devils!

A day at Lagoon with 3 dare devils ages 1, 4 and 6 = a super stressful day for this mom!

Alyssa who is not yet 2 yells and screams at me "Ride mom, I ride." We made the mistake of letting her go on a few rides, and now she insists she go on everything that she can. She will even ride alone on everything. Even the rides that go high into the air which scares me half to death. The one time on the dumbo ride where the you use a joy stick to make the animals go into the air. She was the first one in the air..... She yells down things like "Look mom, I do it" "Hi Poppy" "Hi Daddy" "Hi Mam- ma" and "Hi mom" She is soooo cute even when she is scaring me!

Brittany who is 4 was so sad because she wanted to go on all the rides, but she is too short :(. She is so excited that she can go on the Bombora which is a roller coaster that she can go on. She will keep her hands up the whole time. It is her best attempt to prove she is every bit as brave as her older sister. I know she is a tough and brave little girl. I think she will be the smallest one in my family, but her heart will probably be the largest!

Now onto Kaitlyn.... She was the surprise of the day. She has now gone on almost every single roller coaster in Lagoon. She even went on the Wicked which scared almost all of the adults. Grandma, Poppy, Aunt Veronica and me were so nervous about her riding it, but I try not to hold my children back. I even encourage them to be brave and andventurous even though it scares me. She went on Wicked with Dad, Aunt Veronica and Uncle Troy. She went on so many rides that she said "I can go on every ride in the park."

The pictures above show just how exhausted my kids are after their fun filled day. :)

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