Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pray like you have never prayed before!!!

I have not been given permission to share pictures of the full story yet, but there are several babies and their families that need every prayer they can get!! Even if you don't normally pray, please make this one of those rare occasions.

I have a blog friend that has a baby in need of a transplant. I'm pretty sure this sweet baby needs a new heart. Unfortunately the only was for this angel to receive a heart is for another family to lose a child.

Here is the story..... less than a week ago there was a mom who had 3 healthy 6 month old triplets. She was feeding them, bathing them, and putting them to bed one at a time. She had her daughter put the first baby in bed while she bated the 2nd one. She sent her daughter in with the 2nd baby, and she started bathing the 3rd baby when she heard a scream. Her daughter had gone to lay baby number 2 in bed when she saw baby number 1 on his tummy. They always had the babies sleep on their backs, so she went to roll him over. She said he didn't respond. The mom rushed in and started CPR on previously healthy 6 month old baby right there on the nursery floor. Someone called 911. The paramedics rushed him to the hospital, and somewhere along the way they were able to get his heart beat back. 

Now a few days later, this sweet baby is not responding and this poor mom had to make a decision. she decided to allow her warrior to help others even in his death. She decided to donate his organs to other babies in need. My blog friend will find out today if her angel will benefit from the tragedy of others. The Lord works in amazing ways that we may not understand, but by this perfect child returning to our Father in Heaven several children will get to experience life! 

Please pray!! These children and their families need it.


  1. praying and it has broken my heart since I heard the stories. They are all so strong and Heavenly Father is blessing them eventhough they may not feel it at the moment.