Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What an Awesome Saturday!!

The photos say it all in this blog...... The day started with Brittany's very first sporting event.

She is on a T-Ball team now.
This is a picture of her playing catcher. She gets to put the ball back on the Tee which she is very excited about. This is a very important job :)
Her cousin Ian is on her team.. This is him up to bat and his dad, Uncle Troy, is the coach (in the blue hat)!
Brittany, our little lefty, up to bat. She was so scared!
Well maybe she is a switch hitter?!? Uncle Troy helped since she was a touch nervous.
She is on her way to first. Run, Brittany, Run... this is some of what was heard from the crowd.
This is Brittany standing at 2nd base. Can you see she is focused on 3rd and ready to run.... Well that or that is where Ian is so she is focusing on one of the only familiar faces LOL
She gingerly walked from 3rd to home and touched home plate with the tip of her cleat. I told her next game she needs to run like she has a toy that Kaitlyn wants.... She practice on the soccer field later, and she is quite fast when she wants to be!
Team Cheer: Go Orange Team!
Teaching them to be good sports.... Although we won since we have 17 kids and they only have 10. In the league they are in every kid bats and every kids scores. I like that!
Next of for our fun filled Saturday is Soccer! Here is a pic of Kaitlyn posing! She is so cute!
In this picture she means business!! (Note: the goals are super small or Kait is super big lol)
Me with my soccer team... well 4 out of 6 anyways. Back row: Me, Kaitlyn (my daughter), Vickie Front row: Emily (my niece and Tristan)
Another pic of our team: Emily, Kaitlyn, me, Vickie, Tristan
Me coaching.... Emily and Tristan
Look at this girl go! She looks like she is having fun!!
Look at Kaitlyn leading the pack!! She is on her way down to score her very first goal of the season!!!! Go Kaitlyn!!! She scored 2 goals today!! I was so proud of her. (My mom bribed her with points.... let me be the first to tell you.... bribery works)!
Alyssa does not like to be outdone. SOOO, she decided to get the award for the best fall!! She did it right too. She got this sore on her head....
And this sore on her knee. She kept crying for the rest of the day.... I got an owie... over and over! I think between Kevin, Poppy, Grandma and me we kissed it better about 100 times. not exaggerating!
Please note the chips on the floor..... she made that mess right before I took this picture. (See Janae I told you :) She is always such a big helper like that!!

Today is one of the days that makes me so thankful to be a mother. Even with the scrapes and bruises, I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

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