Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Behind the scenes Penguin tour Feb 17, 2012

Mom and Dad had decided not to go into the Penguin exhibit with us because mom was just worn out. We had planned on going the next day, but the kids insisted we go. It is a good thing they did. While we were inside looking at the penguins, dad was outside looking at the tropical penguins. He got to talking with one of the workers there, and the guy mentioned that they generally select 1 family a day to go inside the penguin exhibit. He told my dad that he would pic him, but they want him to pick someone with kids. My dad got all excited and told him that he had his 3 grandkids with him. Jason (the worker) got excited and told my dad to gather us up, so we could go inside the penguin exhibit.
At first I just thought he meant in front of the glass where we had just been, but I was wrong. We had to wait until the park was closed then he led the way. I was a little confused when we all went around back.... Then we had to sanitize our feet. This is when he warned as that it would be cold inside the exhibit. OH wow we are actually going inside the exhibit with the penguins..... no glass to separate us!
This is the kitchen where they prep all the food for the penguins!

See how close we were?? This little guy was looking at us like what are you doing in here
These are the babies that are still too little to be out on the main floor with the other penguins

This short wall was all that separated us from the penguins. This little guy was trying to jump over it.... good thing he can't jump very high or he might have made it
See Alyssa's red nose.. It was between 25-28 degrees in there, and we only had on light jackets
This guy right behind Brittany was a character. He would actually call back if you called in his ear. It was pretty awesome!

See the awww in their eyes.... my big kids had fun too :)

Love the colors on this guy

There were a ton of penguins!!

This is the worker that took us on the behind the scenes tour!

What a great end to a great day :)

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