Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sea World Day 1 Feb 17, 2012

We left on Feb 16, 2012 to leave for our 11 day vacation!! Man, we all needed a vacation. We have had a run of bad luck lately, and we needed a bright spot..... We thought Las Vegas, Sea World, Disneyland and The Beach would do the trick :)
Funny thing, we had to head South to see some snow... It has been a dry winter which is ok with me
Some of our views on our way to spend the night in Vegas on our way to California

My girls were all snuggled up.... I was hoping they would sleep..... no such luck :(
She does NOT like her picture taken... my sweet Alyssa!

Someone is excited!
Our first stop on Friday morning once we got to Sea World.... The Orcas! We all just love them.... especially Kaitlyn.
Britt decided to check out the map to see where we were!!!

See she really does not like pics... she threw her hat on the ground!

Our first show.... The Shamu show :)

This show was a little different... It was an educational show.... Kaitlyn loved it!

Next, we saw pets rule.... it is a cute show with cats, dogs, pigs, kangaroos, birds and all kinds of other animals!

Next we saw the Dolphin show.... We had horrible seats, but chose not to go back another time.... the dolphins did maybe 10 tricks. The rest reminded me of a Cirque de Soleil show!

Back at Shamu for the regular show, and Kait was excited!! We were in the front row right behind the trainers "platform"

We were trying to get a pic with an Orca in the background, but the kids would not sit still

Next, we went to the underwater viewing area.... The girls LOVED it. We stayed there for like 20-30 minutes.

The whales are back there, but they were not swimming up close to the glass until after I took the picture!

Alyssa insisted on having her picture taken with the fake whale 

Beluga whales :)
Alyssa was so excited to see the Polar bears, but the crazy thing was asleep with his head in a bucket.
This Walrus was huge

Britt got scared in the cave because it has polar bear foot prints and sounds 

Our kids were not cooperating for pictures.

The penguins through the dirty glass

This guy was just swimming up and down in the same spot
The outside penguins
We had a great first day on out vacation, but the best part is in the next post :)

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