Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 2 and 3 at disneyland.... Feb 22&23, 2012

We decided to start our day out at California Adventures. We wanted to go on Soaring over California, but the line was forever long. We ended up getting a handicap fast pass and went on it a little later. The kids loved it. Kaitlyn even said it was her favorite ride.
While we were waiting, we saw chip and dale. The kids loved seeing all the characters.
 Kait thought it was funny that he used her head to sign :)

 Next we went on the new Ariel ride. This was Alyssa's favorite ride. We went on it like 5 or 6 times.

 They did not like this part though.
 Kait says this was their "favoritist" part. They liked seeing them get married.

 Yay Minnie Mouse.
Alyssa was not too sure about Goofy.
 Kait sure thought he was cool though.

 We waited a long time to see Rapunzel. My friend says she looks high in this one lol

 The Buzz Lightyear ride was awesome.... the kids loved it!!
 Day 3 we decided to take the day and meet as many characters as possible. 
Mad Hatter was first, but he left before we could get his autograph.
 The rabbit came to take his place though.
 We got lucky and got to go see Pluto first.... He was having trouble with his eyes, so he had to hold the book really close to see :)

 Alyssa gave him a five, but he wanted a hug.
 being held against her will lol
 Queen of hearts was a little scary if you ask me.... The look on Alyssa's face confirms it.
 Donald was our shortest wait thanks to grandma, and we loved meeting him.
 Lucky pennies.... Getting ready to make a wish. Have you ever seen 3 cuter girls? I know I haven't
 We waited quite a while a while to get into pixie hollow to see Tinker Bell.... she was worth the wait.
 Alyssa ran right up to her and gave her a huge hug. I was completely shocked! She got a Tinkerbell autograph book, and she asked her to sign by her picture. It was beyond cute. Tinkerbell talked to the kids for like 5-10 minutes. They loved every second. They were talking about her movies and all sorts of stuff.

 We nicknamed dad Bell because he is a bit prissy and Kevin Tinker because he likes to fix things. Together they are Tinker-bell, so they had to have a picture with her.
 We had left and Alyssa took off running back to her. She knelt down and gave her a huge hug and told her she loved her. She was just awesome.

 Of course Britt had to run back too...
 Then Kait.
 We were waiting a long time to see the Princesses..... This is how they kept themselves busy lol.
 My little puppy
 Alyssa got in trouble and hid behind Kevin.... too funny
Tiana was the first Princess we got to meet... She was nice enough, but not overly friendly.

 Ariel was next. In my opinion she didn't look much like "herself"..... My girls didn't know who she was at first.

 We just LOVED Cinderella. The kids all ran up and gave her a big hug.
 She just loved Alyssa.
Alyssa was saying look you are on my shirt :)
 She even taught them to stand like princesses

 We went to let Poppy and grandma get in a pic, but Alyssa just had to hug her some more....
 She was mad we made her turn around again.
 More loves....
 and more
 and more.... Alyssa was talking to her telling her she loved her.
 Cinderella was almost in tears by this time. She said Alyssa was the cutest thing she has ever seen. I'll take that as a compliment since she sees hundreds of different kids every day :)
 She came charging out of there excited as can be.....
 This is who I met mommy!
 Right after we got through, the were doing shift change..... Jasmine
 and Belle were coming out...... Belle wouldn't even say hi to Britt and kept trying to hide behind everything..... The worst part is that when we asked what Brittany's favorite part of the trip was, She said "just even getting to see Belle." My Britt has a tender heart :)
 See my sweet girl just staring at her 
 We didn't get to talk to Pooh or Tigger, but I snagged a quick photo

 A preety good vacation if you ask me, and it is not over yet.

 This is the Ferris Wheel all lit up at night....
The night was not over yet... we saw an awesome show.... see next post :)

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