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Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sea World and Kaitlyn's Brithday Feb 18, 2012

My sweet Kaitlyn just LOVES animals.... Orcas are her favorite... This is why we thought it would be fun to spend her birthday at Sea World. She said all she wanted for her birthday (besides a laptop and being at Sea World) was to get soaked by Shamu.... more on that later.

When we first got in the park, there was a tank set up for the kids to pet sea urchins and things.... Kaitlyn ran right over..... FYI don't you love Kev's double hat look??

 The kids loved getting to pet the miniature pony

 We got to watch this guy eat some ground turkey

 She got a special birthday pin :)

 We were waiting to watch the Sea Lion and Otter show... it was super funny... One of our favorites.... besides the Orcas :)

 I just LOVE this smile!! Alyssa and Brittany were laughing so hard.... it was so cute

 This was the guy making the kids laugh.... he was awesome. He dressed up as different characters and dance and sang :)
I LOVE turtles!
 Alyssa was spoiled and got carried a LOT!!

 They had an awesome tunnel where sharks swam all around you... The kids loved it!

 I love having a "big sister" that can hold "little sister" for pictures :)

 Still her favorite spot to be 
 It must be getting late..... grumpy kids!!
 Ok maybe it was just a short phase lol... love her posing

 The kids had almost as much fun with the birds as they did with the other things.... almost
 Petting star fish!

 We had to go and see the Shamu show at night.... We had already seen it twice during the day... We sat in our favorite spot..... right in front of the "platform" where the trainers stand and feed the Whales from.... We have sat there both other times.... and not gotten wet... it seemed like a good idea... at the time..... to be continued....
Isn't it gorgeous at night?

 See how close we are?? Front row baby!

 Well, here is the problem....... They always do a splash time during the Shamu show.... Normally they do not get the people right behind the platform wet.... The problem however, was that since it was late, there were not many people there except in the center section. They sent the biggest whale over and a wave came..... right over top of us! The trainer came by to give us all a high five... this is when my mom thought it would be a good idea to share that they had just made my daughter's birthday wish come true.... she asked what the wish was... My mom told her it was to get soaked by Shamu. The trainer just grinned and said "well, we will take care of that." My thought... they already had.... we were all soaked.... my brand new camera was soaked and so was my video camera..... Well, they definitely too care of it... They sent all the whales over to the center section. Did I mention we were in the front row? Yes? ok, just checking. We got beyond soaked!!! About 10 massive waves of water came raining right down onto us!!!!! Did I mention it was night and February? It was cold.... we rushed home to our hotel to get cleaned up :) Kaitlyn was THRILLED!!!
 Kait's birthday dinner... This girl LOVES KFC. We have to call it alphabet chicken because if we say KFC, she will freak out until we go get some 

We were in a hotel so cupcakes was the best we could do
 The first toy they bought at Sea World.... They were able to fill a plastic case with these animals for only $10.
They got 20+ each

 Oh yes, they got a hat, sunglasses and a few stuffed animals too :)
 Of course grandma and Poppy brought a few gifts along 

 Look there I am... always behind a camera :)

 Alyssa got this super cute backpack..... She loved it so much, grandma had to buy it for her.
 See that smile :)
I think this was a birthday none of us will soon forget!!!

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