Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A day in words and a week in pictures.

Statements I use in a day. 
Stop climbing, get out of the kitchen, stop hitting, say sorry, clean up the toys, sit down, don't touch the remote, give me back my phone, get back here, don't touch the computer, don't jump on the bed, did you flush the toilet, close the door, get to the table, let's do homework, get off her, get off him, don't throw toys, owwwww, did you wash your hands....
You get the idea :)
I also say nice things like I love you, but mostly I use "protective" statements :) The benefit of having 6 kids during the day.
Lucky thing I love them all!!
Picture time........
So Alyssa decided to climb and this is what happened.... The tv landed in the middle of her back, but luckily she escaped with a small red mark on her back. It was gone in a few hours.

 This is our toy room.... It starts clean, but ends up like this within minutes.
 Don't mind the finger in his nose.... he is 3 ;)
 My husband reading a book to Braiden, but asking my "why are you taking pictures?"
 Kait was sick all week and never made it off the couch other than to go to the doctor. They threatened to admit her to the hospital due to dehydration, but luckily we were able to avoid it.
 Don't let that innocent face fool you......
 This is her breakfast and lunch all over the floor...... notice the plate on the floor back there? That is how she tells you she is done :)
 Lots of dishes.... included different colored or designed cups for each kid so we know whose is whose :)
 6 kids each day (I watch 3 extras) means lots of dishes.... this is just breakfast and lunch.
 This is Alyssa's room which she shares with Jase for naps.... They always destroy it too!
 Always lots of laundry, but especially when kids are sick. This is on the floor because the hampers were full in the laundry room.... I dislike laundry a LOT!
 Britt had a medal ceremony at school... Daddy took pictures for me because I was home with my sick Kait :( Kait missed her medal ceremony.

 Talking to Braiden.... they are like siblings now and I love it..... my girls have brothers afterall.
 We may have mentioned to our kids that we are taking them to Disneyland and Sea World later this year which may have caused them to each pack a suitcase...... Brittany packed a sweater, pants, shirts, pjs, socks, and underwear... not bad for a 5 year old :)
 Kaitlyn packed pants, shirts, socks, underwear, pjs, a swim suit, swim shorts and a visor :)

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