Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sea World Day 3 Feb 19, 2012

When we got to Sea World on the 3rd day, we had a plan. To try to see all the shows and animals we had not seen yet... First stop was the Polar bears to make our little Alyssa happy :)

 She was pretty excited he was up and moving!

 This cute face made it all worth it!

 Kev caught me off guard lol
 Kev and Britt were the only 2 brave enough to go on the water ride

 Dad was trying to get mom close enough to the water to get her wet..... It didn't work... sorry dad. I kinda warned her. He was trying to pay her back for the Shamu incident the night before lol

 My big kids really liked these funny mirrors.

 Sea World has a whole kids play land now... we spent a lot of time there on this day.. rides, play areas and even mini concerts :)

 Elmo and friends were singing and dancing!

We had to go on the skyride.... much to my dismay. I hate heights!

 After all the animals we had seen, the kids still enjoyed seeing this wild rabbit.
 A nice lady gave all the kids a fish to feed the sea lions... the kids all threw them before we could get the camera out and ready
 He was just begging for more!
When we left Sea World, we drove to Anaheim to check in at our hotel just 1 mile from Disneyland. Of course, we had to find a mexican restaurant to eat at. Let me just tell you that that was a chore. We finally found one and made sure we had them sing to Kaitlyn for her birthday :)

Another great day!!

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