Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brittany's 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated Brittany's 5th Birthday Yesterday. We were afraid nobody would come because here in Utah this is a 3 day weekend. We were wrong.... not as many people as usual, but still a good turn out. 
Some of the food we had out.... Fruits, vegetables, chips, salsa.....
 plus hot dog and cheese...
 Of course we had cake too!

 Poppy was trying to show the kids how the slip n slide worked.... he kinda got stuck.
 We called him a beached whale..... that did not make him happy.
 He was laughing so hard that he couldn't get up.
 Alyssa was pouting because I told her she couldn't touch Kenna's head.
 Trevor and Troy were picking on Sydney... you will see the results later...
 Rick is playing life guard...
 Some of the kids playing on the trampoline...
 Then over to the pool

 Kevin is carrying Sydney... towards the pool

 He is so mean.... he put her in head first.

 Daniel running for his life. 

 Becky's turn.... 
 Poor girl swallowed some water..... 
 Daniel threw Katie in..

 Hug and make up....
 Hmmmmm wonder if they are related.... Dave throws Dylan in

 Jessika took Kenna in the water.... she did not like how cold it was.

 All the trouble makers are hiding back inside.... plus a few party poopers :)

 Brooklyn and Kaitlyn finding bugs.
 Sarabeth, Lizzie, Stacey, and Beverly.
 Billy, Poppy and Rick
 Sweet Stacey

 The kids were getting a little muddy... I had to give 6 kids baths after the party (my kids and nieces and nephews).
 Breckyln.... she is going to be a waitress when she gets older.
 Alex, Sarabeth and Kaitlyn.. more bug hunting
 Jessika's turn to play life guard... you can never be too careful.

 There is our little birthday girl.... she had a great day!
 Me, Brandon (born at 10 lbs. 1 oz.... he is 2 days younger than Kenna), Kenna, and Trevor.
 Time for presents.... Yippee!
 She was very spoiled.

 She asked for a dog, so Troy and Veronica bought her a doggy shirt.

 She was super excited that Grandma and Poppy bought her this truck and horse trailer.

 Silly Grandma, Billy, Cheri and Troy.
 Daniel, Richard, Dave, Robert and Sam. They are trying to throw another person in the pool.... nothing surprises me with this group anymore.

 She was loving on the blanket Silly Grandma and Grandpa gave her.

 Hmmmmm.... I wonder who gave her this super BIG gift.... Uncle Kevin and Aunt Ellen
Brittany has always had a special relationship with Uncle Kevin. She told me in the morning that she didn't care who was at her party because she knew her Uncle Kevin was coming.

 A Horse Rescue center.... She loves it. The very first toy she opened.

Make a Wish! 

 Emptying the pool... 
 Everyone is hiding behind Poppy because Kevin is squirting them.

 Pinata time....Brittany is hidden in the middle somewhere :) 

 Brittany was right under the pinata, and she got a sucker stuck in her hair....

 Ian had a few presents to open since SB, Grandma and Poppy didn't make it to his party.

Another Great Saturday. Thank You everyone for making Brittany's Birthday special.

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  1. Such a fun party! My girls wanted to say, "Happy Birthday Brittany!" Evie says, "You are nice and beautiful."