Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fourth of July 2011

Let me start this post by saying Thank You to all the men and women that serve our Country and protect our freedom. My Father served our Country for 20 years. I know of the sacrifice these men and women and their families make. I am thankful for my freedom. God Bless the U.S.A!!!

We were able to watch the parade from right in front of Troy and Veronica's house which is awesome!
We sat out front and ate cinnamon rolls while we waited for the parade to start.
 I have no idea why he looks so grumpy!

 Grandma sees the beginning of the parade.
 Ian sees it too :)
 We all stood, clapped and cried while the soldiers and their families walked by.
 I am very thankful for our police and fireman also.

 Ian loved this truck.
 This was a float by one of the local LDS stakes.
 The back says Go and Serve!

 The kids were loving the parade

 Running out to get candy

 This was such a cute float. It said I was born into the U.S.A. at Davis Hospital.... super cute
 Kait loved the horses, so I had to include pics of those ;)

 Grandma and Grandpa bought the kids candy bracelets that they got to make.

 All the kids got on shoulders while we watched some dancers. 

 Doing pop its while we wait for fire works.

 Then we moved to sparklers

 Daddy and Grandma broke the rules and gave Alyssa one. I know it's blurry but look at her face.

 Dad bought more fireworks... these are some of those.

 Then the real fireworks began, and the last over 30 min.

Another Great Day. Grandma and Grandpa have to go home now, but we are glad Grandma and Poppy are coming home. They have been in Idaho visiting Peggy and family.

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