Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 25, 2011 A Very Very Busy Day!!!

We had a super, super busy day this day. We woke up early and took family pictures with Kevin's whole side of the family. Let me tell you something.. getting 15 people to look good at the same time is a challenge especially when 7 of them are 6 and under :) Then we had to rush to Brittany and Ian's last T-ball game. Then we went on to the Mitchell Family reunion. Then we took the kids to see the horses and go riding. Then we went to an ice cream shop. We woke up at 7 am, and we got home after 1 am. What a long day!!

Bear with me.... lots of pictures to follow!
Alyssa, Emily, Kaitlyn, Sarabeth, and Veronica
 Poppy and Grandma
 Brittany's and Ian's T Ball team. We had 17 on the team.
 Kevin coaching the team.
 Silly Grandpa, Gabe, Veronica, Emily, and Silly Grandma.
 Brittany running home for the last time this season.
 Onto the Family reunion.... Brittany playing with her cousins.
 Uncle Kevin helping all the kids play games with water balloons. 

 Blanca, Clair(grandpa GG), Ann, Mona, Vern and Ray
 Vern and Blanca
 Ellen, Laurie and Kylie
 Mona, Clair, Susan, Rodney, Aimee, Julie, Ray and Dad (Robert)

 Alyssa and Dad :)
 Kevin, Grandma and Alyssa
 Lurae (grandma GG)

 Wade and Mary
 Matt and Katie

 Ashley and Ellen

 Michelle and Marcus

 Kelly and I think Alden (he is one of identical twins :)

 Sheri and Asher
 Brooke, Mike and Shane

 Melissa and Katie

 Jarom and Charlie
 Grandpa and Gabe

 Kaitlyn and Dad

Then on to the horses....
Dad the natural born cowboy who swears he does not like horses.
 Our little cowgirls
 She also swears she hates horses.... that looks like a happy face to me!

 Cheri, the horses mom is our new adopted aunt/ grandma.... cousin just isn't good enough ;)
Kevin riding a horse.
 Veronica still hating the horses ;)
 Marcus decided to be a cowboy too. Although she did not cooperate for him.
 Daniel showing off.

 Look, Mom's a cowgirl too!

 Me and Gabe :)

 Alyssa and mom

 Sarabeth and me. She loved the horses. Which is shocking. She tends to be afraid of things.

 Ian and Kaitlyn.

 Emily and me.

 Ian and me.

 Emily and Kevin

 Sarabeth and Kevin

 Michelle, Gabe, and Veronica

It was a great day, but boy were we tired when we got home.

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