Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Fun Day at Lagoon (July 15, 2011)

Lagoon was celebrating being open for 125 years. We decided to go down there on Friday and join in on some of the celebrations. I mainly wanted to see the show Cirque Innosta. It was a great show of acrobats and contortions. Please note..... lots of pictures to follow!

These guys were monkeys. The could climb this pole and bounce around like crazy!

 The middle guy actually fell so the bottom guy had to jump off.

 He was actually climbing up the pole like this!

 These girls were crazy. I feel bad for the one in red because she always got stuck being the one on bottom!

 Poppy and Alyssa watching the show.

 This "techie" was supposed to be helping get the "clown" up on the pedestal.

 He actually does flips while he is holding her. He was super strong!

 These guys are obviously insane.... The one guy flips the other using only his feet!

 My older girls watching the show... the wouldn't take their eyes off the show to look at me :)
 Alyssa was sad because she couldn't go on the ride with us.

 Poppy and Brittany went right under the waterfall!!

 Brittany is SOAKED!!
 Kaitlyn is barely wet :)
 Another show at Lagoon. They sang a ton of great songs. I especially loved when all the boys came out dressed like nerds and sang a Gaga song... Too bad that pic didn't turn out.
 Watching the show.... no flashes allowed so my pics aren't the best :(
 My little dancer.... she danced like crazy the entire time!!

 Trying to catch some of her moves!

 My 3 angels on their final ride of the night.
 Britt was being a ham!

 I took this picture to say her teeth are doing better. She was very happy she could eat chips. She kept carrying the bag around with her :)
A great Friday. We just wish Daddy could have been there but he had to work :(

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