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Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brittany's Day at the dentist

 Brittany was scheduled to go to the dentist today. She was going to be put out by IV sedation then have 7 baby root canals, 7 caps (5 metal and 2 porcelain), and 2 regular fillings. She has horrible teeth. We took her into the dentist last year, and they were going to fix her very small cavities but with her asthma and our family history of sleep apnea they didn't want to do it. They said at 3 she was too young to not be put out, and they didn't want to risk it. They told us to bring her back in a year, and they would be able to fix her teeth with just laughing gas. 

Well we have moved in the last year, so we went to a different dentist. When we went in they were shocked that we had waited so long. I felt like a horrible mom. I explained that we had taken her to the dentist the year before. This is when they told us that she could just have bad teeth that decay super fast. She had over half of her teeth worked on today :(

 She was very happy when we arrived at the dentist office. She loves the fish tank they have there.
 Look at her gorgeous blue eyes and pretty smile.
 They had a lizard for us to look at while we waited for over an hour to finally be called back.

 There is a snake too... he was all curled up in the rock though. You can see his head if you look closely.
 When we went back into the room, they gave her a big toothbrush to brush the toy dragons teeth with.... You can see him sitting on the chair behind her. She sat in my lap brushing his teeth (he is a puppet and the nurse was "holding" him). The doctor and anesthetist came in and talked to me for a few minutes. The anesthetist checked her heart and lungs while she sat in my lap facing the nurse. Her motioned for me to hold her tight and got a needle out of his pocket. He quickly gave her a shot in her shoulder. It was actually kinda cute how they did it. After he gave her the shot, of course she cried and said ow. He looked over like he was shocked and said "Did that mean old dinosaur bite you?" The nurse promptly disciplined the dinosaur and told her that dinosaur bites make you sleepy. She told her to lay against mommy to take a nap, and she would feel better soon. Her eyes began twitching and she got that vacant stare within minutes. After about 5 minutes the nurse took her away from me and into the OR.
They tried to get an IV in both arms, but she was already dehydrated too badly from fasting. She had her appointment at 1 pm. I had to wake her up at 12:10 to get her ready. The Lord answered my prayer that she wouldn't be too hungry or thirsty while we waited for her appointment time.

About 45 minutes in the nurse came out and informed me that her bottom back left molar was infected and asked if they could extract the tooth rather than trying to clean the root and cap it. I agreed.... look at this HUGE tooth they pulled out of her little mouth.
About an hour after they had taken her back she was starting to wake up. They brought me back just a few minutes before she actually came to. I almost wished they had waited because it was HORRIBLE!! 

She started to squirm. Then she started trying to get up which of course she couldn't (she was not able to hold her head up let alone walk). I climbed into the beanbag chair that she was laying in and held her. She kept fighting me... wanting to get up. She couldn't speak, she couldn't use her hands properly, and she didn't understand why. Then she started to groan and moan. Then she began to cry. She couldn't focus on anything. She would try to talk, but she couldn't. I tried to sooth her. I spoke to her in a calming voice, but I wanted to cry. She looked so sad. Finally after about 10 minutes (but it felt like forever) she could form a word "Mommy" She was looking for me. I told her I was right there... A few minutes later I could tell she could finally make out my face and she hugged me as tight as her non functioning arms would let her.

They took us out to the waiting room so we could leave. Then they remembered that I needed to pay them.... we sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes while she was flopping around trying to yell, to talk, to scream. Toward the end she was screaming I want to go home although it wasn't quite that clear.

This is a picture of her when we got in the car. She was so sad and very thirsty!
This is a picture of her mouth not long after surgery. You can't really see the hole through all the blood.
 I asked her yo smile for Daddy and this is the look I got. You can still see the monitors they used while she was under.
This was about 6 hours after she was done. She got really happy when I told her that the Tooth Fairy was going to make a visit tonight to pick up her very first tooth she lost!
You can see one of her silver caps and her newly acquired hole in her mouth.
She ended up having 1 tooth extraction, 4 silver caps to cover 4 baby root canals, and 4 regular fillings.

What a day... to top it off my 2 year old threw up all over herself and her bed while I was writing this.... Had to take a break to change out bedding and give a quick bath.

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  1. Of course your 2-year-old threw-up! Wouldn't that people be an appropriate ending to your day!

    Oh, hearing the full story...she is an extra sorry case.:( I've been thinking about her. I hope she is feeling a little better today.

    I think that tooth had to be worth, at least, a trip to Disney Land.