Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 2, 2011 Our at home firework display

Dad spent about $175.00 on fireworks. We went back to my house and set them off. Our firework show lasted for over and hour, and we had some loud ones. I'm sure my neighbor's loved it. Only 1 of them hit my husband at church the next day (not hard or anything).
Troy and Grandpa took the front row seats.

 Kaitlyn has to plug her ears. She does not to well with sound. When the fireworks are going Grandma plugs them for her too. She is doing better though. She used to hide under blankets.
 Alyssa was being naughty... this is Aunt Veronica's form of punishment.
Have I ever mentioned that she has them all, Troy, Veronica, Emily and Ian, Wrapped around her fingers!
 Another pic I took myself lol. Emil looks so happy. She was my fire work buddy.
 notice how Alyssa is sitting now....... 
 Rick (our neighbor) came over to enjoy the show. 
He got in trouble for eating a french dip in front of me though.

 She got a little scared and climbed under the blanket.
 Ian wanted to sit with his dad.
 Now she is gone. She slid all the way under the blanket. She reminds me of how her sister used to be.
 Brittany decided to buddy up to grandpa.
 This is all we saw of Kevin all night lol. He is such a good guy. He lit all the fireworks without complaining.
 We had a ton of aerial fireworks too.

 and of course sparklers, but the super long ones.

 Then more fun time with Aunt Veronica since she is still too young for sparklers.
Well that is until grandma breaks that rule on the 4th.

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