Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dad's (Poppy's) 59th Birthday

Today  Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday. ... Lots of pictures to show how fun!
The girls took cards and presents down to Poppy!
 He decided if I was going to take pictures that he had to go comb his hair :)
 The card Alyssa made with help from her daddy.

 Brittany's card.... Always hard to get a good pic because she loves yellow.

 Kaitlyn's card.... she is becoming quite the little artist!
 His feet are red in the picture because he got sunburnt on them this past Sat.
 He is not even allowed to sit down before my sweet girls charge him with gifts!

 Look at those smiles.... You don't think they love him... Do you?

 On to the Days of 47 Rodeo to have some family fun.
One of the workers let us go in to see the calves and steer.

 Up at our seats in the upper deck.

 A picture of all of us :)

 This is an event I had never heard of.... wild cow milking.

 The busted out singing YMCA... Too funny!

 Barrel Racing!

 Dad and Kevin LOVED this paint job.

 She was having a blast!

 See that guy flying??? The bull horned him. Awesome!! Well maybe not for him... but he was not hurt. Well not too bad.
 This is the close up of what I missed.

 Yes I just timed this picture while he was hanging upside down... he was not stuck like that.

 Someone was getting sleepy.

This was the ramp they were bringing out for the dirt bike riders.


 He is upside down in this one.

Another awesome day!!!
Kaitlyn has decided she wants to be a barrel racer or a bull rider. I'm going to try to remember it as a barrel racer and scratch the bull rider thing :)


  1. I've never personally known a bull rider, I mean barrel racer. How cool!

  2. That is just the cutest thing that they charged him with those gifts!

    I went to a rodeo once as a little girl, and it's still a treasured memory.