Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Butterflies and other "bugs"

Kaitlyn (6) Loves bugs and anything that crawls, creeps or flies. It drives me crazy since I pretty much hate all of those things.... After much convincing on her part, I finally agreed to let her get one of those butterfly habitats. You get this mesh habitat. Then you send away for caterpillars.

Kaitlyn was very excited when we got her caterpillars at the end of July.
A few days later they started going into their cacoons (sorry I mean chrysalis... Kait gets mad if I say it wrong). This is a picture from when a few were in their chrysalis and others were still caterpillars.
We actually got to watch one make their cacoon chrysalis. I have to admit that was kinda cool.

 A few days later they hatched into butterflies!  Kaitlyn got to watch a few of them come out of their chrysalis.
It was actually not as cool as I thought. Believe it or not there was quite a bit of blood involved. (I guess it makes sense since it is a birthing process, but totally unexpected).
 We kept them dry and inside while their wings dried and they learned to fly.... 
Then we let them go.... This one went straight to the side of our house.
 This one couldn't fly, so we ended up keeping him for a few more days trying to nurse him back to health. Unfortunately, he didn't make it, and Kait was very sad :(
 This one knew who had taken care of him.... He flew right over to Kait and landed on her thumb.... She was sooooo excited!!!
Another one flew right out and landed on Britt's face, but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture.
The girls loved setting them free, but they were sad to let them go!

Here are a few more of her critter friends.... She caught this grasshopper, and she kept it as a pet for about 2 weeks before he died.

 She gathered a ton of snails from a friends garden...

 Brittany helped too!
 They had about 50 or so snails. They insisted we keep them. Luckily Sadly they died after about a week!
They played with them every single day until then. They even did snail races!

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