Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slide show pics of Grandma

Grandma Bateman and her brother
Grandma on her horse... She used to tell us stories of this horse. They would ride it to school each day. When they arrived to school they would jump off, tie off the reins and tell the horse to go home. Just a few minutes before school was to get out her mom would send the horse back to get them. Then they would ride home, Grandma is the reason that my daughter, Kaitlyn, loves horses so much!

Grandma as a young girl
Grandma and Grandpa around the time they were married (1942)
Grandma's brother's wedding.. She is on the top left.
Grandma with her 2 oldest, Doug and Barbara.
Grandma took Grandpa's motorcycle and sold it. She bought this fur coat with the profits and sent a picture of it to Grandpa while he was away at war.
Grandma with Doug, Barbara and Sandra.
Grandma, Grandpa, Doug, Barbara, Sandra, David and Debra (my mom... she is the little one in front)
Grandma sending Doug on his mission... She was very proud that her oldest son was going on a mission.
Grandma with her brother and parents.

All the kids including Roy.. Barbara's husband.
Doug, Barbara, Sandra, David, Debra, Daren, Barry and Darlene. 
(She ended her 8 children with twins :)
She was getting flowers ready to put on the graves of those who passed away.
All the kids including Randy, Doris and Roy with a few of Grandma's oldest Grandkids.
Grandma, Grandpa, Barry and one of Doug's grandkids.
Grandma with her 4 girls :)
Grandma loved roses!! This is her with her youngest daughter, Darlene.
This is typical Grandma... Notice her orange kitchen...
My Aunt Darlene's wedding... I was the flower girl :) I am in the front row (far left).
4 generations.... Grandma, Sandra, Melanie, Madison and Alexis.
Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding Anniversary (1992)
More pics from the 50th Wedding anniversary (1992) All of their 8 kids as adults :)
Grandma and Grandpa at my wedding in 2001.
 Grandma and Grandpa with Doug and 2 of his sons.
Grandma with her boys.
Grandma spending time with some of her youngest Great- Grandkids.
Alyssa (2), Kaitlyn (6), Brittany (4), Kathryn (5), Alexander (2), and Joshua (3)
This was one of the last pictures taken of Grandma before she became ill in April of this year.
These are my 3 kids (left) and Peggy's (my sister) 3 kids (right).

We love you Grandma! 
You will live on forever in the hearts of your posterity.
8 children, 25 grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren.
And those number don't even include the spouses.... It all started when 2 people fell in love and now look at what they have created.... Only God could do all of this!

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  1. What a beautiful woman and a beautiful tribute to her. I think I need a few horses like that!