Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Grandma's viewing.

Grandma's viewing was tonight. I was not happy about this prospect. I didn't want to have to go to her viewing because in some way it made her death real. I was right... it was horrible. My grandma was the rock that held our family together. I feel like I have no place now that she is gone.... Where do I fit?
She made every one of us know that we belonged. I know that she is in a better place, but she will be missed until we meet again.
These are the flowers that the kids bought for grandma. Gladiolas are her favorite flower.
 The kids also bought this one.
 There were several other bouquets. From NASA, The Nutrition team with Davis Schools, Barbara and family, and several others.

 Grandma and Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary photo.
 Alyssa was not feeling well. She had a massive fever :(
 Joshua was exhausted and he fell asleep within 10 minutes.
 Curtis, The keeper of the kids :)
Poor Randy. Brittany found him right away and wouldn't leave him alone.
Peggy and Laurie
 Poppy and Alyssa.
 Barry and his friend.
 Sorry folks, but this is the true side of my uncle Barry.
 Curtis held Alyssa for a long time. He got her a jug of ice to hold to help bring her fever down. He also moved out to a cooler room to help. Her temp did come down some. This is the benefit of having an EMT in the family :)
 Some of Doug's kids :)
 Dave, Kevin, Alyssa, Melessa, and Joyce.
 McKenzie, Brittany, Kaitlyn, and Kathryn. McKenzie did a great job entertaining the girls.
 Peggy, Peggy (my sister's name sake), mom and me.
 The 2 Peggys.... they kinda look alike.
 Peggy, mom, dad, Dave and Brittany. My girls just LOVE him!!

 Dad and his mini me (Laurie)
 Laurie, Dad, and Melanie
 Mom, Melessa, and Me
 Allison, Lexi and Randy
 Kevin (My amazing husband) and Alyssa.
 Curtis and Alex
 Kathryn (my niece) She is a beautiful girl.
 MY beautiful girl, Brittany.
 Kevin and Peggy
 Kaitlyn, Kathryn, and Brittany
 Julie and Josue.
 Doug, Doris and Cindy
 Some of the pictures displayed

 Poor Alyssa.. so tired.
 Peggy, Alyssa and Poppy
 My beautiful Kaitlyn
 Poppy, Alyssa and Briana. We call him the baby put-ter to sleeper for a reason ;)
 Peggy and Alex
 Peggy and Alyssa
 Peggy and Julie
 Allison and me
 Peggy, Laurie, and Julie (these 3 cousins are all very close in age).
 My dad and his girls, Laurie and Julie
 Kisses for an old man
 Cindy, me and Allison. They are both a little older than me, but they are the closest to my age. We were great friends growing up. Although they did pick on me for being the youngest.

Now on to a few cute/sad things our sweet kids said today.

We had just arrived to the viewing and Kaitlyn looked a Grandma. She informed us all that "you know, I am really happy about Grandma because she was getting awfully cranky" My mom tries to defend my overly honest sweet 6 year old by saying she thought Kaitlyn didn't know what Cranky means. We asked her what it means and she answered "grumpy". She continued on to say that it was ok with grandpa because he just got sick and died.

Then Joshua (who turns 4 tomorrow), goes up to grandma and looks at her for a while. After a minute he reached up and pinched her hand. Peggy looks down at her son and asked him what he was doing. He responded " I was just trying to pinch grandma to see if she would wake up". So sad but so cute. My mom looked down and explained that she had gone to heaven. He looked over at her body and said "no she's not, she's right there". He later apologized to my sister (his mom) saying he didn't know she had gone to heaven.

Out of the mouth of babes.

One more thing from the other day..... We went to Grandma's house on Wednesday morning (the day after she passed away). I had my 2 younger girls with me. They immediately ran into grandma's room screaming grandma the entire way. They walked back out slowly. Brittany looked at me and said "mom, I took Alyssa to see grandma, but she's not there." I explained that grandma had gone to heaven. She looked at me and said "So, that means I can't see here anymore." Try explaining this to a 5 year old girl, Uncle Dave heard how sad the kids were. He went right into grandma's room and grabbed a bag of M&Ms for each kid. He told them that grandma had just had Aunt Sandee buy these treats for them on Saturday, but she never got the chance to give it to them. He told them that they were getting one final treat from their Great Grandma.... No wonder my kids love their Uncle Dave sooo much!

When we came home from the hospital on Sunday and dad looked sad. Kait said "Poppy, why are you sad? Is it because today is the day that grandpa passed away 2 years ago?" She is so in tune!
Kaitlyn looked at us the other day and told us "I know you guys don't want grandma to pass out (meaning pass away), but she misses grandpa. I know it would be sad, but it would be best for grandma to pass out." On the morning we found out she had passed away, Kaitlyn heard us talking about her. She told us that she knows we are sad, but it is what is best. She started singing the lyrics from "Spirit in the Sky" She reminded us that grandma is going to "the place that's the best".

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