Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grandma.... A woman we all love and adore

Today, We received a phone call from my Aunt Sandee saying that grandma needed to be taken to the hospital. We rushed right over. When we got there, she looked horrible. My Uncle Dave, Curtis, Sandee, Mom and I lifted her up and got her into the wheel chair. She went into shock. She was non responsive! It was SCARY!!
My cousin called 911. They came and got grandma and took her to the nearest hospital.
She was admitted to ICU after about 2-3 hours in the ER.
She has a ton of things going on.... Kidney failure, extremely high potassium (6.7), HUGE gallstones, a bladder/ UT infection, low blood sugar (22), Low O2 stats (88), a hole in her intestine, and a few other things.....
Needless to say things are not looking good :(
She is too weak for surgery, but all of these problems will kill her if not fixed.
Below are some pictures of Grandma from this year :)
 My girls just love her!
 Kathryn, Kaitlyn and Alyssa
 Step one: Pile on Grandma
 Step 2: look at me

 This is the best we could get.

 Grandma's 85th Birthday

 Barbara got to come and see her :)

 Alyssa has her own special spot next to Grandma.

We Love You Grandma!!

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  1. Sad! I hope Grandma is feeling better soon.