Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 28, 2011 A neighbor's idea of Art

First of all a little background.... My husband LOVES BYU and my dad LOVES University of Utah!
One team is red while the other is blue. These 2 teams are huge rivals!!
We used to live down in BYU territory and Kevin LOVED it, but we now live in the U territory which he does not love. My dad on the other hand enjoys having people willing to join him in teasing Kevin about how their team (the U) is better.
Or direct next door neighbor has a hug University of Utah banner that he hangs in front of his house.
Our neighbor across the street (also our home teacher) also likes to remind us how awesome the Utes are.

My dad has been talking about mowing our lawn in the shape of a U for a long time. 
He discussed this idea with Rick 1 time, but that is all it took.
Kevin ran to the pharmacy to get the meds, and this is what he found when he got back!!
 Our kind and loving neighbor/ home teacher decided he didn't want Kevin to get mad at my dad (since we live together), so he sacrificed and mowed the U into our yard himself. He put it on the lowest setting which is why it is so obvious! Kevin knew right away who had done it. The trail of grass from our front yard to his garage was a dead giveaway!!

This was Kevin's solution!! 
Picture a no smoking sign, but this is a no Utes sign :)

Funny thing... that neighbor that has that huge banner.... It hadn't been up for a few weeks, but it showed up the day after this happened :) He told us at church that he wouldn't talk to us until we fixed our lawn LOL too funny!!!

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