Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Some cute thing to remember

Alyssa has started doing the cutest things. I love it when she says "I say.... (then she repeats whatever she said)" over and over. My favorite is when she says "I say ha ha ha" She usually does this when she is running from you after you have told her to come here. Or she does it when she is being mean to someone. Not the nicest thing, but she manages to make it cute!

She loves to take care of her big sisters. If they lay down she runs and gets a blanket and pillow for them. Sometimes I wonder if she realizes she is the little sister.

Today I caught her with some of our strawberry shortcake toys. They are plastic figurines and they smell. All I can here is sniffffff snifffff... When I look at her she says "look mom, smell." She is just too cute!
These are the dolls she likes to smell. haha

As I was typing this post, she found some chap stick. I asked her to give it to me or put it back.
She said "say please!" I said please and she looked at me with a very satisfied look and yelled "NO!!"
I told you ask with please. I don't think she liked the way I said please. I swear she thinks she is the parent.
I'm in big trouble with this one.

Brittany got her hearing aids on Wednesday. 
This is her getting fitted for her ear molds.
 These are what they looked like when they were done.

 You probably can't tell, but she has her hearing aids in.
They gave her this cute bag to hold all of her hearing aid accessories. There a ton of those... I had no clue.
 These are what they look like and the yellow thing is a holder so they don't fall out and she loses them. They have already saved us about 10 times.
Ok, sorry about the picture detour, but she got her hearing aids on Wednesday.
Yesterday (Thursday), she was sitting on the couch and the fan was going. She looked at me and said "Mom, the fan sounds like that thing that comes just before a storm." She couldn't think of the word wind. I thought it was so sweet that she never knew a fan sounded like wind. My sweet girl can hear. She is starting to get used to having something in her ear. Although she did jump in the kiddie pool with them in yesterday. Luckily Poppy saved the hearing aids.

Kaitlyn is trying so hard to protect everyone. We found out late Wednesday that my kids will be going to school with their cousins (our zone variance was approved... yippee). Last year, my niece got picked on by and older kid at the school. Kait looked at me and with her head rolling (sorry we are from Vegas) said "Let someone try to pick on Emily this year." She proceeded to tell us how she was going to protect her 2 cousins and her little sister. This led us to many conversations about not getting into fights... She is the type that I could see her laying someone out. Not a trait I taught by the way.

More to come later I am sure, but I didn't want to forget the sweet things my kids do.


  1. It must be so difficult for you to deal with hearing loss! My grandma has had problems for year and she can't seem to find anything to make it better.

  2. Can you please tell me where do you buy the hearing aid holder? Thank you, Valerie

    1. They came with the hearing aids, but most audiologists can order them. My son has a stronger powered hearing aid and they have some that fit his also.