Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Super Shopper

I am not one of those women that loves to shop.....


I LOVE a good deal!!!!

Today, I went shopping to get the girls some school supplies. I went to about 5 or 6 different stores, but I got some amazing deals.

This is what I got..... (everything is brand new BTW)
17 shirts
3 pair of jeans
2 pair of leggings
2 backpacks
1 lunch box
10 folders
18 packs of markers 
(I use them to make activity kits for my nieces and nephews)
15 boxes of crayons
90 lead refills for mechanical pencils
4 pencil boxes
4 bottles of white out
10 sharpies
4 -6 packs of highlighters
5 pencil cases
3 protractors
3 boxes of paper clips
5 pair of scissors
2 cute designer folders
18 notebooks
4 bottles of glue

and I'm sure I forgot a few things.....

Guess how much I spent.....

about $135.00...... 

I would say that is pretty darn good... normally the 17 shirts would cost that ;)


  1. Awesome! I still need to get school supplies, but have been putting it off!

  2. You are an amazing shopper! I love a good deal too. I don't know how people can pay full price for anything. Kohls is my favorite place to find good deals, but you have to apply for a credit card so they can send you more coupons for even better deals. Thanks for stopping by my blog.