Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lagoon and the sunken camera

See this pond?!? It actually looks pretty clean in this picture. Well let me assure you that it is NOT clean. There is a ton of Algae in there. 
Notice the train tracks in the back there about to enter the tunnel??
Well, We were all riding the train at Lagoon. I was taking pictures of everyone because that is what I do.
If you have been around this blog for very long, I am sure you know how many pictures I take.
Well just on the other side of this tunnel there are a lot of animals. My 2 year old likes to sit on the side closest to the water until we get through the tunnel. She then moves to the other side to get a better view of the animals. Well my camera was sitting inside my unzipped diaper bag on the bench. Alyssa went to go and move it to sit on the other side of the train. I slide the bag across the seat, and the camera slide right out of the bag, through the only crack in the bars it could fit through and down into the algae filled water. I freaked out!! I was bawling like a baby!!! My passion is taking pictures and hanging onto memories. 
Would you believe that several hours later, 3 park employees spent about 2 hours searching for my camera?
They found it and were able to pull it out. I was able to retrieve the pictures off of it. They are priceless photos and worth every second of the "fishing trip". 
My grandpa is 82 years old, and we have very few pictures of him. Until recently he would get mad if you tried to take a picture of him..... Below are some of the pictures we saved!!
This is my grandpa at 82.

 He just loved little Alyssa.

 We ALL got soaked... Mean grandma, Poppy, Cody, Brittany, Kaitlyn and me.

 Papa and Poppy with Alyssa

 Mama, Papa and Mom

 I LOVE this picture!!!!

 This was the last picture taken before my camera went for a swim.
 This was the first picture taken with my new camera. I had a new one within 30 minutes.
I feared I would have a breakdown otherwise!

 Love this!!

 I made everyone ride the train again so I could "recapture" some of the memories.

 One little person didn't cooperate!

 Father and son!
 A little fun in the water!

 Too scared for the "big" water

 She didn't want to leave.

 Big hugs to get everyone wet.

 I LOVE the look on Papa's face!

 Kaitlyn finds animal friends everywhere she goes!

 She was sad. They got her wet :(

 A worn out little girl!
 Look what we won mom!

 Brittany went right over to Papa to show him what she won. He teased her saying he thought she gave them to him. She looked at them for a split second and offered him the elephant. It was the sweetest thing. I thought my grandpa was going to cry which never happens.

 Look mom, I'm awake!
Cody's prize 

 Aside from the camera thing it was a great day. I just wish Kevin could have been there the whole day, but he had to work :(

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  1. That is an amazing story! I'm amazed they were willing to spend two hours looking for it. I'm amazed they found it AND that the pictures were still good! Thank goodness!

    And I loved the photos. The sweet story of Brittany and her Grandpa was soooo sweet. Such a nice girl. :)